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What are snookballs?

Snookball is a revolutionary new game which is taking the world by storm. It combines our two great pasttimes– soccer and snooker. Snookball was invented in France and now we are bringing it to your door step. Lest have some fun with snooker and soccer.

Enjoy both games at the same time. Also great for club parties, a complete set of snookballwith white cue ball , let get in the sun and kick the balls or go to backyar and set pockets , great game for whole family, you can fix the pockets in minutes using cones as the pockets.

snooker soccer ball consist of 16 balls. Game resemble with snooker rules and a white soccer ball is used in place of cue.

On set of snookball cost 199.00$ including ground shipping to your address worldwide. You can place your order by email .

Balls are available in stock and will be shipped immediately. Express shipping is also available on extra charges. Please email us your choice of shipping so we adjust the price accordingly.

Wooden triangle is also availabe seprately.

Billiard soccer Tables are also available. Place your order now. Tables

Billiard soccer table walls and surface are portable suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

walls and surface are available separtaely to accomodate your budget and requirements.

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