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About us

Our Company:

Our mother company established at 2014 in Hongkong, now we have 2 subsidiaries in UK, 2 subsidiaries in HongKong and 3 subsidiaries in the China.

Our factory:

The factory of Snookball China1 (Soonhi Trading Company) located in Henan province--The very centre of China.

Our clients:

We already had customers in America, Europe, Singapore, Turkey, India, Thailand, Mexico, etc… 36 countries until now.

With customizable service and quality products, we have a good reputation in snookball field...

Snookball China

Contact Us

Contact: Snookball China

Phone: +86-13353772661

Tel: +86-13353772661

Add: No.1 Sports Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China